Saturday, April 2, 2011

How it all started - The Drawing Room Musings - fineart show

Around mid 2008, in response to emails enquiring whether I teach painting, I decided to give it a try.  So I decided to answer the emails and devoted my weekends for teaching.  There has always been a steady trickle of students who join in and out now and then.  Surprisingly all of them have been software proffessionals wanting to persue their childhood passion of drawing and painting.

I decided to teach only in acrylics, as it was the newest medium at that time, with new colors being introduced by the day, and also much less messy than oil paints.  

Slowly this catched on, but I noticed that only a handful of them were really interested in pursuing the fine art of painting. It is for these regular students who have shown their keeness in painting that I decided that they deserved to be launched into the mesmerizing world of fine art. 

I had plans of having a show this year 2011, maybe a solo or a group one.  My last solo art show was in 2009.  It was called 'Body Language' - a collection of figurative paintings, and was held in Chitra Kala Parishath.  My last group show too was in 2009 at the Bangalore club. High time to have another show I decided.  Why not share the stage with my students this time. They too may benefit from this exposure.     

All reasons combined-  

Thus the 'The Drawing Room Musings' was conceived. 

The regulars were Sankara Rao Bhatta, Sukanya Koosappa, and Geethika KarkiRajit Raghu was also a keen artist, but was unable to be regular due to his job pressures, and his IIMB classes.  But he was so joyous when I offered him the chance, that he braved all committments and decided to devote time for painting for the show. 

So I decided to have the four of them display their works along with me in this group show which I will be curating and taking part as well.

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