Saturday, April 2, 2011

Painters and Paintings of the group show - The Drawing Room Musings

Organizing an art show takes time and patience.  I started to work on this show more than a year before it shall materilize.  Firstly to book a gallery for the show and fix the dates was foremost in my mind. 

Chitra Kala Parishath it will be, I decided.  - my favourite venue for art shows. 
The dates available were 16th May to 15th May 2011. Ten days may seem a long time, but from past experience, I decided that it would be appropriate. 

So now the painters are

Sankara Rao Bhatta
Sukanya Koosappa
Geethika Karki
Rajit Raghu
and their mentor (myself)  usha shantharam

What was the theme of the show going to be.  All four of the students and me were hooked on to different themes and styles of paintings. 

Sankara painted ruralscapes, which was very close to his heart, as he had spent a major part of his childhood in rural Andhra Pradesh. 
Sukanya painted fresh garden flowers which reminded her of the beautiful garden her mother tendered in her home in Mangalore.
Geethika Karki from Nainital painted lovely sunrises and sunsets over water bodies that were shot from her husband's camera.   
Rajit Raghu painted figuratives from his hometown Kerala. 

Recently I had hooked on to 'en plein air' paintings after my trip to Mysore.  There I had painted some very lovely trees at the Mysore University Campus.  I also made many trips to our local park 'Lal Bagh', where I used to sit for hours to catch the sun playing tricks with shadows on the lake.  More paintings materialised during my trip to Ooty early this year 2011.  So I decided to show them at this group show named 'The Drawing Room Musings'. 

To sum them all
Sankara Rao Bhatta - Ruralscapes
Sukany Koosappa - Floral paintings
Geethika Karki - Seascapes
Rajit Raghu - Figurative
myself usha - 'en plein air' paintings.

Basically all the paintings are typically 'desi' - Indian in nature.  This medley of landscapes, figurative and botanical paintings could bring only one name to my mind.  This is a drawing room collection of paintings.  Strictly speaking these paintings would be ideally suitable for display in a drawing room, living room, office or just anywhere you name it. 

Hence the name 'The Drawing Room Musings' of Indian Paintings.

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