Monday, April 18, 2011

Sukanya Koosappa - debut artist of art show - 'The Drawing Room Musings'

 Sukanya Koosappa
                                                                   Cell: 09880024794 

Hi!! I am sukanya, born and brought up in Mangalore. I come from a family where everyone poses immense interest in art and music. Hence the artistic instinct has come naturally to me. I have been doing pencil sketch and pastel drawing since my childhood. I have participated in various art competitions during schooling. I have also won 1st prize in an inter school competition. I pursued my Post Graduation (M. Sc) in Information System from Mangalore University and came to Bangalore few years back to take up a career as an IT professional. Along with my job simultaneously I also decided to persist with my passion for art. Since then I have known and practiced various other form of art. I have been doing pencil sketch and charcoal paintings. Two years back I was fortunate to meet Madam Usha Shantaram from whom I learnt Acrylic painting. I generally do landscape and still life paintings.

Next to my family and friends it’s my canvas and colors which make my world complete. As I have been painting for quite long now, my passion for art has flourished to perfection. I find myself more confident in capturing my imagination on canvas and showcase it to world. This is my first art show and I am grateful to Usha madam for giving me this esteemed opportunity.

The Theme of my painting is “Floral Essence”. The cheerfully blooming flowers in my own house garden and in the surroundings have inspired me to take up this theme. I have seen even a withered plant come alive under my mom’s love and care and I have tried my best to capture some of those thriving beautiful flowers on the canvas. It has been totally a wonderful experience for me to explore the beauty of variety of flowers and then capture them on the canvas. 

Sukanya Koosappa  
 ‘The Daisy ‘
                                                         Painting by artist Sukanya Koosappa

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