Monday, April 18, 2011

Scroll down to view the paintings displayed at -- 'THE DRAWING ROOM MUSINGS' - group art show

Invitattion to Fine Art Show 

'Realism', 'Super realism' and 'Impressionism'  styles are revisited in this beautiful medley of Indian paintings by......

1. 'En plein air' paintings by artist usha shantharam
2. 'Village Life' - Indian ruralscapes by artist Sankara Rao Bhatta.
3. 'Floral Essence' - floral paintings by artist Sukanya Koosappa.
4. 'Rural people' - figurative paintings by Rajit Raghu
5. 'Seascapes' - paintings by Geetika Karki. that order.

Scroll down to view the artworks. 

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